Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bitter and Cold Part 4 M/f spanking fiction

This is the fourth installment in this story.  If you would like to read the other three, just do a search on my blog with the words Bitter and Cold.

Janine lay in the pale light that was barely visible through the slats of the blind.  The hospital was beginning to feel like jail, she needed to get out and find Paul  Surely this was all a mistake that could be corrected.  Her mind was still fuzzy about the details of what had transpired but she couldn't believe he had left never planning to return.  And he certainly would never leave her in a situation without power in the apartment....would he?

During their relationship Janine had turned full financial authority over to Paul.  He demanded and she acquiesced without much dissension.  Her paycheck was deposited directly into his account and, although he seldom said no to anything she wanted, access to the checkbook and charge accounts were kept from her.

A few miles from the hospital a young power company technician sat pensively by the window.  He could not shake thoughts of what had transpired at the hospital.  The horror of looking at the woman's abused legs was incredible.  He was not sexually sheltered in any way but that was some of the worst marking he had ever seen.  Bruise on top of bruise, some healing, some fresh.  Ugly welts that criss crossed and carried scabs that indicated bleeding cuts from a cane were all abundantly evident, even with just a quick glance.  As he sighed and went to prepare some dinner he resolved that he would be going back to the hospital tomorrow.  Someone had to help Janine figure out where she was going after the hospital.  He wasn't exactly sure why, but he felt bound to be part of that.

During the Doctor's examination, Janine tried to be blase and almost non communicative.  Although she did ask why he was examining her legs and back when it was her brain that seemed to be the problem.  The Dr. had replied dryly, that he was a "whole patient kind of guy".  Janine sighed but let it go.

After the exam he pulled up a chair next to the bed and took Janine's hand.  His voice was kind and, somewhat, fatherly.

"Janine, if we are to help you we need information.  Please tell me anything you can about who caused all the damage to your body."

Shaking her head, Janine tried for a calm, even tone, but her voice was high and breathless.  "This is all consensual, I agreed to it.  He had every right to do what you see and more."  She was unaware that a tear was sliding down the bridge of her nose.  "I was a terrible disappointment and he did his best to educate me.  Guess I am not a very good student."  She sniffed and her face was despondent.

The doctor sighed heavily, "Janine, I have been around the block more than a few times, I have other patients that are into various areas of BDSM.  But this is not acceptable.  You have large hematomas and welts that are irritated if not slightly infected.  A caring Dom does not leave his sub in this condition.  Please let me help you."

Silence filled the room as Janine looked away, confusion and hurt etched on her face.  No, what he said couldn't be true.

Pushing back his chair, the doctor rose slowly, "Alright sweetie, I'll give you time to think.  In the meantime whi8le you are here we will start you on medication for the blood clots and antibiotics.  Let's see if we can't get you in better shape."  He smiled, patted her hand and left.

The dam burst and sobs racked Janine's body.  Her head ached and she was terribly confused.  Surely the doctor was wrong, he just didn't understand.  But yet he seemed to clearly be in touch with the lifestyle.  Why didn't Paul call or get in touch?  Had he really deserted her?  Suddenly a thought dawned, Paul couldn't get in touch, he didn't know what had happened.  Why he was probably distraught when he returned and she was gone without a note or any kind of communication.  Yes, that must be what it was, tomorrow she would get help from someone in tracking Paul down and reconnecting with him.  But as that thought was processed she really wasn't as comforted as she thought she would be.  Paul was what she wanted....wasn't he?

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