Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spanking-A Gift of Love and Care

I haven't posted in a very long time and it certainly is long overdue.  There is a change that you should be aware of, I no longer switch so posts about spanking others will be  conspicuously absent.  However, I will, from time to time, still write fiction that is F/m.  

My journey has taken many interesting twists and turns and I have loved them all.  Probably the most significant and life altering is the relationship with my Daddy.  For nearly six years this wonderful man has been a significant part of my life.  Our relationship has evolved into Domestic Discipline.  I am happily accountable and obedient to him and have no wish to ever change this.  It has improved my life immeasurably.  

When we started out I could not use the term Daddy since it brought up horrific memories from childhood.  So he become my beloved big brother and if you followed my earlier posts you may remember that.  Our relationship always had a disciplinary component but that has grown into something rare and beautiful.

I know it is hard to understand an adult that needs and wants to be punished for judgement errors and disobedience but it is my need.  My Daddy understands this so very well and finds it to be quite natural and beautiful.  He has helped me see it as nothing abnormal but a wonderful part of the person I am.  And in return I regard these spankings as a gift of love.  

While I love being spanked for other reasons I do not love being punished.  It means that I have disappointed myself and the person I love most in the world.  I never start to forgive myself until after the spanking and even then it is sometimes difficult.  However, my Daddy's forgiveness is always there, he never spanks in anger.  And after the punishment I am always held in his arms.  I have never felt so loved or cherished.  

So what started as a spanking blog now will explore submissiveness, my little head space, and the considerable delights of being spanked.  


Theodore J said...

A beautiful expession, so obviously from the heart.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful expression of what are surely deeply felt connections. You are both very fortunate to have found it.

Purple Angel said...

Thank you both, it is indeed from my heart and I am incredibly lucky