Monday, November 28, 2011

The Bench

        Another Our Need and Desire party has come and gone...sigh.  I do love spanking parties, especially the one I give twice a year.  All my spanko friends and family plus new friends gather in a Chicago suburb for a weekend of socializing, eating, and spanking.  Lots and lots of spanking and, of course, chocolate. 

      While tables, chairs, hotel beds, and sofas are fine for spanking, there is nothing like a spanking bench.  The one in the picture was made by Kinky Contractor on fetlife.  It belongs to me and the Our Need and Desire group.  It is a traveling bench but lives in my apartment (Big Smile) when there is no party.  I make sure it doesn't get bored between parties, it is my responsibility after all!

      I love the fact that it is not black and red.  Not a thing wrong with black and red, but this is so much more "me" and the group.  In case you can't tell, the padding is a pink leopard print and the white wood has been decorated by party goers. 

     Our last party theme was School Daze so many naughty young ladies and one (brave) naughty young man were funished in the party room for inappropriate behavior at school.  Yes even my completely angelic self got a taste of the flogger over the bench. 

     If you have never been on a bench let me describe what it feels like when I have my bare bottom over it. 

     Keep in mind I am not talking about a punishment situation so no restraints were used, this was party play.  First you kneel on the bottom "step".  This is your chance to make a few smart ass remarks, bat your eyelashes, and keep the group laughing at your dilemma.  The spanker frowns, promises dire punishments for such behavior, and everyone keeps laughing.  I will admit at this point I am laughing too.

     You are directed to assume the position.  So you bend, and lay your body over the top "step".  At this point I always get butterflies in my stomach, after all I have my back to the group, and soon very little will be left to the imagination.  Spankers always ask quietly ahead of time if you are willing to bare your bottom.  I always say yes...I know, what can you do??

     So up went my skirt and, slowly, my panties came down.  Of course my friend BEN had to point out they said Seat of Education, which got a laugh.  There I am, with my bare bottom in the air and a roomful of people watching.  Good Grief, how does an angel like me END UP this way?

     I got an excellent flogging during which I protested loudly between laughs.  It was wonderful.

     It does look scary I know but being on the bench can be such an enjoyable experience.  The spanker can talk to you, watch your face and body language, and your (ahem) charms are as revealed as your feel comfortable with. 

     Now there are other times that the bench becomes a more serious piece of equipment, but for now let's leave it out for laughs.


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Sammie said...

It sounds like you all feel safe with each other nd have a lot of fun.