Saturday, July 16, 2011

Someone Spank Me...NOW!

I am in a drought.  Well, let me be more specific, I am in a spanking drought.  Certainly have plenty of water to drink, but not a paddle, brush, or belt in sight.

The dry spell has gone on for almost a year!  There are good reasons for this, exactly four of them.  After four hip surgeries in six months, spanking is not on the agenda for awhile.  Although I did have a good time explaining to my surgeon when I had to ask him when it would be safe to engage in this specific activity.  Believe it or not, spanking is not covered in the hip precaution booklet they give you in rehab.  I know its unbelievable, but there you are.

I neeeeeedd to be spanked.  Oh do I ever have the need.  Somehow before I got involved in this lifestyle, when it was all just a lovely fantasy, the need did not nag so cruelly.  But, it seems, once you start it is addicting.  Stopping cold and going through withdrawal does not work.  It only makes it that much more desireable and necessary.

My brain has all its cells on full alert every time I look at a spanking pic, view a video on fetlife, or even read the words!  I spend time looking at my implements and sighing.  I feel uncentered, and uncomfortable with myself.

Yes, there are some possibilities on the horizon and I only have to wait a month until I go to visit my Big Brother/Daddy for my birthday.  But, it would be wonderful if I didn't have to wait another month.  Actually in the next five minutes would be great, and yes I need the five minutes to brush my teeth and put on cute panties.

Right now I am planning my group's November spanking party so its in my face, so to speak.  A long time over a lap with my backside burning would just be perfect. 

Anyone else feel this way?



Wow that sounds like desperation. I hope you find a stand in spanker soon.


MrSpanker1972 said...

I wish i could help .