Sunday, July 17, 2011

Question of the Week-Advice for Newbies

As I am preparing to host my eighth spanking party, it occurred to me that I don't see a great deal of advice for new spankers/spankees.  While I am aware that many people get a much earlier start in the lifestyle than I did, we are all beginners at some point.  For many of us the fantasy was there long before the realization.  However, fantasy is just that...fantasy.  In reality you are entering into an intimate (even if no sex or sexual contact is involved), emotional, and sometimes scary situation. 

So for those of you that have spanked or been spanked many times or even once or twice, what advice would you give to a newbie?  What kinds of conversation should be involved, should implements be used immediately, do you start with discipline or play?  Any knowledge you can pass on would be much appreciated.

I remember when I was starting out, I soaked up information like a sponge.  It was a great help and any mistakes I made were my own. 

This has been posted on my fetlife group and my Yahoo group, and I will certainly post the remarks made at the end of the week!

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Anonymous said...

The nastiest surprise for me as a newbie was the post spanking "sub drop". Be sure that you have a support system in place to rely on if you end up riding the sub drop roller coaster.