Monday, June 6, 2011

An Update on Purple Angel



Are we going to get a real update on what is happening to Purple Angel. This is kind of worrying.


Purple Angel said...

I tried to post and it would not work so I am leaving my post here.

Many thanks to Spanked Hortic for wondering where the update was. I started writing this and had terrible problems posting so I am hoping this one will go through. I apologize for the lack of pictures but I can't seem to make that work either. Somebody needs a spanking!

So I keep showing up, telling you my physical woes, and then, POOF, I'm gone again. Here we go again. In November of 2010 my Yahoo group, Our Need and Desire had our fall spanking weekend party. Leading up to this party I was in horrible pain, my right hip (the replaced one) was becoming impossible to manuever. And I was so exhausted that putting the party together was becoming total labor and no love. The Friday of the party, three of us were at Costco getting party food and I, literally, collapsed. My right leg decided it was done! I ended up at the ER and was admitted. The orthopedic surgeon (my new best friend and hero) found a break in my pelvis and a total displacement of the prosthetic.

Thus began a six month journey through four surgeries, hospital stays, and lenghty rehab home stays. It seemed never ending. So after great quantities of blood, sweat, and tears, not always just mine, I am finally at the end of the tunnel. That famous light is shining right in my eyes. For the first time in many years I can walk without any pain.

Tomorrow I have the stitches out from the final surgery and I am praying that we are done!!

During this time my Sir died, my birth Dad died, and I had to have one of my beloved cats to sleep. During this time, my big brother (in the lifestyle) was there every single step of the way. If not at my side physically he was on the phone many times a day. He flew out to be with me for the second surgery so I would not wake up and be alone. I could never have had such wonderful outcome without him. During this time my lifestyle friends were there in every possible way. Visits to the hospital, to rehab were such a gift. I will always treasure how they were all there for me. Again, if not right there, then there on the phone. During this time I finally got my own apartment and moved! Since I had hip surgery I was and still am restricted in the kinds of movement I can handle. So I am living in the land of lost boxes. Can't unpack but at least I am here!

Now I am anxiously, impatiently awaiting the ok to be spanked again. The last time a paddle, strap, or hand touched my bottom was September and I really need to have that connection again. Since my physical state is improving rapidly, I expect that to happen this summer!!

So I'm back and hopefully its to stay. And then this can stop being a medical tragedy blog and get back to the joys and delights of spanking!


So sorry to hear about your woes, there is quite a list, it must have been a very hard period to live through. I hope that the future starts to shine a little brighter.