Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spanking Parties? Love em or Leave em part 1

This November I am hosting my sixth spanking party. The party has grown from about 15 people to around 35 or more. It is a weekend party held at a suburban Chicago hotel. My inspiration to embark on this wild and crazy journey was the fun I had and the people I met at my first Chicago Crimson Moon party. And I have never been sorry I jumped from that frying pan into my own fire!

Spanking parties have become a part of my social scene life. Spanking and impact play was the very first kink I explored (but certainly not the last). It is my most beloved fetish and the one I fantasized about throughout my life. Its no wonder then that it seems to need the bigger than life atmosphere of a party.

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure, a few highlights. You arrive, somewhat breathless, at the party hotel. Breathless? Sure! You ran ahead of the car, flew ahead of the plane, and jogged faster than the train to get to the unique event that would occupy you totally. If you have been to a previous party or participate in groups on fetlife, spankolife, or Yahoo, you probably can't wait to greet friends you haven't seen in awhile and meet new people that you only know online or from phone conversations.

Now let''s stand back and view the scene for a moment. Adults hugging and kissing, shaking hands, smiling, outbursts of laughter, and overheard snatches of conversation. "How are your kids doing", "is your mom feeling better", "did the move go smoothly" and you might think, family reunion. In a way you are right. It feels very much like family, the time seems to melt away and relationships pick up right where they left off.

As soon as you have promised about a million (smile) people a spot on your dance card, you escape to your hotel room to rest and refresh for the marathon is about to begin.

These weekend parties are, indeed, marathon spanking events. In fact I believe carb loading before you arrive might not be a bad idea. You will need every ounce of energy you can muster. There will early morning breakfasts, late late night "appointments", group events and meals, and inbetween all that, many delicious hours of spanking delights. Different positions, implements galore, party room spankings, and private room spankings...it stretches out in front of you in all its tantalizing and delicious delight. If you are a top you can't wait to see the panties come down baring the first bottom to wiggle in anticipation of your attention. If you are a bottom, you are delighting in the knowledge that you will go to bed much much later with a fantastic aching tingle that your hand just can't seem to stop rubbing. And oh if you are a switch, you happily contemplate both.

More tomorrow as we continue vicariously feeling it all. I am quite fortunate, in four weeks it won't be vicarious, I will be in the thick of my next party experience!


Jean said...

Spaking parties are lots of fun. I enjoy the few I get to attend.

tabby said...

This is something that Daddy and I have yet to be able to experience. At the time, we live so far away from any type of events/parties/munches and etc. But, we both anxiously look forward to being able to do all.

Already enjoying your blog, I am so glad you stopped by mine!

xo baby girl tabby xo